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Refrigerated display cases buyers guide

August 11th, 2008 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Refrigerated Display Cases

Display cases are meant to keep your products safe. They have to look right in your store too though. You will probably be looking for durability also. Lastly, Refrigerated display cases have to be easy to maintain and use.

So when you are looking to buy refrigerated display cases, here are some features to look for: safety, looks, durability, and maintenance.


Keeping your customers safe will be one of your top priorities. Most health departments require that the lights in refrigerated display cases be encapsulated so that they are contained in case of breakage. This way, glass can’t get into open food.


There are many designs for refrigerated display cases. The important point here is to pick one that matches your store’s decor. The great thing about the manufacturing process is that you can choose what looks best to you. With mirrors in the doors and windows of your refrigerated display case, you can help your customer see your product from all sides.


Make sure that your display case has a warranty so that in the unfortunate event that it is defective in materials or workmanship, you can get it back into working order quickly.

Maintenance and Use

This category is one of the most important because you will be using your display cases for many years. Refrigerated display cases are manufactured with a number of helpful features. Curved models usually have tilt out fronts so that they can be cleaned easier. This way, you don’t have to stoop down or remove all of your merchandise while cleaning. It is important for the front glass of you refrigerated display case to be kept clean at all times because it is the window between your customer’s appetite and your treats. You may also want to consider a “work” top on the back of your refrigerated display cases. You make the most use of space this way. Another note about visibility - your food will look a lot tastier if it is well lit. You might want to consider picking a case with front lights and shelf lights. If you utilize shelf lights, then all of your food will be lit and visible.

Refrigerated display cases come with many features that help you better serve your customers.

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